Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Do you believe in hope and in love?
Two wonderful things
we need in this world
to survive the pain
and the guilt,
that haunts each one of us
as we lay.

Does confusion follow
and keep you,
from being the person
that you truly are meant to be,
do the silent tears
that you shed,
bring back the wish
a long time ago
as a child you made,
the wish to accept
only the wonderful gifts
that the world has to offer you
to make it a better place.

Anger and frustration is all that remains
for some who have given up
and forgotten their childhood days,
For happiness and love ,
Although it should have been,
was not a part of those days
as a child they spent,
sorrow and grief was all that followed
which robbed them of their innocence and their faith.



Blogger Fruraven said...

Hey Suranee.

Are you the one who went to school in Norway in 1985/1986?

It would be nice to hear from you :-)

Hugs from Linda.

Mailadress: l-stokka@online.no or fruraven@hotmail.com

4:50 PM  

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