Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A closer look at Racism

The hatred that dwells in their hearts
For those who are of a different race,
Is not hatred they were born with,
For as they were born
their heart was pure
and filled with no hate.

The hatred that dwells in their hearts
For those who are of another race
Is hatred that they were taughtby their parents and peers,
who feel the world would be a better place
if people of their own kind
were the only ones who exist.

No other race,
No other religion,
No other skin color
Except that of their own
Is what they crave.
Does this same hatred dwell within your heart,
For if it does,
We sincerely hope
that you will soon find the knowledge and wisdom
to accept human beings
for who they truly are
irrespective of their race, religion,
the color of their skin.

Racism has always been a part of society since historical times. But in my opinion, the overwhelming flow of illegal immigrants and refugees into western countries and lets not forget the terrorists, have to take part of the blame for the racism that prevails in the world today.

I strongly believe that there is way to stop the flow of illegal immigrants and terrorists. And that is by teaching the children of these western countries that they have a responsibilty to their country. And one of those reposibilities is to stay in school and complete their education. Because it is the education that they receive and their ideas and beliefs that will help their country to prosper and be strong. Not the ideas and beliefs of immigrants, refugees and terrorists.

A country which is weak is one which is economically weak. And it’s economically weak because the majority of the present generation has taken things for granted thus not paving the way for the future generation to succeed.And we all know what happens to a country which has a weak economy (especially if the country’s a western one). It becomes susceptible to terrorist attacks.

As I was writing this blog, I came across a few factual excerpts on racism which I thought of sharing with you:

1) In 1931, President Herbert Hoover’s exact words to New York Mayor Fiorello La Guardia, a son of Italian immigrants-You should go back where you belong and advise Mussolini how to make good honest citizens in Italy. The Italians are preponderantly our murderers and bootleggers………… Like a lot of other foreign spawn, you do not appreciate the country that supports and tolerates you.

2) With the fall of communism and dismantling of the Berlin Wall, the ensuing reunification of East and West Germany has sparked a revival of Nazi-style intolerance and hatred of foreign immigrants within that country.

3) As Yugoslavia dissolved into individual republics, Serbians who were the dominant ethnic group, used their greater military force to grab huge portions of the territory of the other ethnic groups in Bosnia and Croatia. Serb soldiers had raped more than 20,000 Muslim women as part of an organized terrorist campaign to drive them from their homes.

4) In certain real estate businesses, agents will show their African-American clients only houses located in Black or racially mixed neighborhoods because of their belief that property values will be lowered by residential integration. This institutional practice is known as redlining. Redlining, an illegal real estate practice of showing minority clients only houses located in minority or racially mixed neighborhoods.

5) The White settlers of the New World used their superior weapons to dominate and conquer the indigenous people of North America. Europeans were also capturing and buying Africans and transporting them to the colonies as slaves. They justified the inhuman exploitation that took place by stigmatizing both Native Americans and Africans as inferior races who needed civilizing.

The whites told only one side.
Told it to please themselves.
Told much that is not true.
Only his own best deeds,
Only the worst deeds of the Indians,
Has the white man told.
- Yellow Wolf of the Nez Perces, 1940 –

6) In 1982, two unemployed White Detroit autoworkers used a baseball bat to kill Vincent Chin, a Chinese American, whom they mistook for a Japanese. They were hostile towards the Japanese because they perceived that Americans’ fondness for Japanese foreign car imports resulted in lower sales of American-made cars and their own subsequent unemployment.



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