Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Painful memories of the years gone by
Haunt me every single night,
And as I try so hard to hold on to,
Everything I cherish to be dear and true,
The memories keep haunting me,
And I face each day
Not with rays of hope and faith,
But only with sorrow and heartache.
I yearn so much for the peace and tranquility
That will help fulfill my destiny and ease my pain.

I wrote this poem,
in the year of 1985,
when I was only 16
and at an age,
when I was struggling to find my true identityin a world,
which greatly confused me.
Little did I realize,
the impact those words
written by me
at such a tender age
would have on my life.
Most women
go through life
without knowing the importance of their existence in this world
because of certain actions and words of others
that affect us
which lead us to believe
that the knowledge and in born talents we possess
is of limited use.
Confusion sets in
distracting us,
and our true potential which we use
to overcome our problems,
becomes nothing but
continuous failures.

We end up
wasting the few years we have left in this world
struggling to find new ways
of overcoming our failures
while missing out on the wonderful opportunities life has to offer us.
Some of us succeed
but some of us are not so fortunate.

I, Rain,am one of those women,
who were fortunate enough to succeed,
after struggling for years
to achieve what I have now.

Death will come to us all when we least expect it.
We must live life to the fullest
so that we may find true happiness
before our time is up in this world.

Have you found that true happiness?



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