Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Dangers of Pornography

Current evidence suggests a high correlation between deviant fantasies and deviant behaviors…… some treatment methods are also predicated on the link between fantasies and behavior by attempting to alter fantasy patterns in order to change the deviant behaviors.

The following statements about men imitating abusive sexual acts that they had seen in pornography were made by the following women;

Ms. M –

I agreed to act out in private a lot of scenarios that my husband read to me. These depicted bondage and different sexual acts that I found very humiliating to do……He read the pornography like a textbook, lie a journal. When he finally convinced me to bound, he read in the magazine how to tie the knots and bind me in a way that I couldn’t escape. Most of the scenes where I had to dress up or go through different fantasies were the exact same scenes that he read in the magazines.

Ms. O described a case in which a man –

brought pornographic magazines, books, and paraphernalia into the bedroom with him and told her that if she did not perform the sexual acts in the “dirty” books and magazines, he would beat her and kill her.

Ms. S testified about the experiences of a group of women prostitutes, who she said –

were forced constantly to enact specific scenes that men had witnessed in pornography….These men….would set up scenarios, usually with more than one woman, to copy scenes that they had seen portrayed in magazines and books.

Ms. S quoted a woman in her group as saying –

He held up a porn magazine with a picture of a beaten woman and said, “I want you to look like that. I want you to hurt.” He then began beating me. When I did not cry fast enough, he lit a cigarette and held it right above my breast for a long time before he burned me.

Ms. S also described what three men did to a nude woman prostitute. They first tied her up while she was seated on a chair, then –

They burned her with cigarettes and attached nipple clips to her breasts. They had many S and M magazines with them and showed her many pictures of women appearing to consent, enjoy, and encourage this abuse. She was held for twelve hours while she was continuously raped and beaten.

Ms. U testified –

A society that sells books, movies, and video games like “Custer’s Last Stand [Revenge]” on its street corners, gives white men permission to do what they did to me. Like they [her rapists] said, I’m scum. It is a game to track me down, rape and torture me.

There can be no “equality” in porn, no female equivalent, no turning of the tables in the name of bawdy fun. Pornography, like rape, is a male intervention, designed to dehumanize women, to reduce the female to an object of sexual access, not to free sensuality from moralistic or parental inhibition. The staple of porn will always be the naked female body, breasts and genitals exposed, because as man devised it, her naked body is the female’s “shame,” her private parts the private property of man, while his are the ancient, holy, universal, patriarchal instrument of his power, his rule by force over her.

(Quoted from “Taking Sides”, Second Edition by Richard P. Halgin)



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