Thursday, August 31, 2006

The fall of my motherland

I come from the bloodline of warriors
who fought fiercely and heroically,
against the invaders
who tried to take over our motherland,

My ancestors shed their blood
To gain what was rightly ours-
Which was our Independence and our motherland,
Independence from those
who tried so hard to destroy
our future existence.

They slew the innocent children
With the strike of their mighty swords,
They even trampled
the new born babies
Until all life in them
was gone,
Some even grabbed the little children,
from their tiny limbs,
and killed them
by throwing them against the walls,

To them my people were not humans,
Who deserved the right to live.
To them my people were
Savages and beasts.

But the blood my ancestors shed,
was not at all in vain,
For our motherland did gain its independence
And my people did live in peace.

But peace was not for long,
For someone far more worse
Emerged from the North,
Bringing with him hatred and anger
These pictures unfold the real truth
of his terror and his thirst for war,
The war he has waged against the helpless and the innocent,
Who are no other than the people
of my beloved motherland.

My people and I implore you,
Please do not sympathize with terrorists,
They do not fight for a cause
based on principles, ethics or equality,
They only fight for one thing,
The destruction of other races,
And the survival of their own.



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