Friday, September 22, 2006

God’s Gift to you

When God created sunshine
He created it for you,
And for all those in this world
Who reminded him of you,

When God created the seven-colored rainbow,
He created it
so that you will always remember,
The number of days that it took
to create this world for you.

When God created the clear blue sky,
He created it so that you would remember
That as you gaze your eyes
Up towards the sky,
That he is not that far away
Watching over you,

But God did not create the wars and famines
Or the suffering in this world,
For everything he created was filled with love and blessings
Which were his gifts to you.
The Motherless Child

The tears that swell and fill my eyes,
Are the tears that I shed for the motherless child,

Born to this world seeking love and care,
Only to be abused and made to feel ashamed,

Abused for being innocent and filled with no contempt,
Ashamed for crying out for the mother that there should have been,

As the years pass by
Anger and frustration rages within
For failing to succeed in life
And for being reminded
Of being born
a motherless child.

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