Thursday, September 07, 2006

Latino Americans- a closer look at the racist remarks made against the Latino Americans of Siler City, North Carolina.

Ruth Tapia, a Latino American, was at a health clinic and an employee of the clinic approached her and asked her “Do you speak-ee English?”
Her reply, “No I don’t speak-ee, I speak English.”

David Duke, a former Klansman and Louisiana state representative –

“Either you get the INS to kick the illegal aliens out, or you’ll lose your community and heritage”.

63-year-old Clyde Jones –

“Mexicans took my job and my family’s starving. My ancestors fought for this country and they took it away without a shot.”

David Duke (again)-

We’re not going to solve the problems of Mexico by turning America into another Mexico. Siler City is a symbol of what’s happening in America. If you don’t do something now, you’re going to be outnumbered and outvoted in your country.”

And here’s one Latino American, Wilfredo Hernandez’s reasons for having lived in Siler City amidst racial hostility;

“All I wanted to do was have a job, have a descent life and give everything that I wanted to my family. I never wanted anyone to like me because of the color of my skin. I just want to have a job and go on with my life.”



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